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Microcement on the tongue

Here you can see through everything we have about kitchens, what it can be used for, textures, colors, smooth etc.

Rune Haraldsen


Microcement in the kitchen

  • Can microcement be put on a worktop?

  • Withstand micro boiling boiler?

  • What is it like to use microcement in a sink and oven?

  • Can microcement be used on kitchen floors?

Can microcement be put on a worktop?

It is possible with microcement on countertop and something that is very popular. It can be put on existing plate. Make sure the worktop is tightened. If you have joints in the worktop, two layers of base must be added before the harness top layer comes.

Can microsemet withstand a hot element?

It is not optimal to put a boiling pot directly on the microcement. There have not been major investigations here, but what has been done, then the surface where the boiler is put a little darker, and then become brighter again after it has been cold again. But to recommend this to a habit, we do not.


What is it like to use micro cement for washing and cooktop?

If you use Micro Quartz, this water can withstand itself. Thereby no danger of washing. If you use micro cement 2 comp. Then it is important to pore fill well before applying varnish. Making use of this around the plate top works very well, as long as you have painted well. The product thus becomes very easy to keep clean.

Can microcement be used on kitchen floors?

It fits perfectly on the kitchen floor. Both Micro Quartz and Micro Cement 2 comp. Suitable for kitchen floors. It is easy to keep clean independently and you should accidentally spill dinner or a glass of red wine.